Comically speaking

14 Feb

The great thing about being a dad is that you get to be a kid all over again.

My son wanted to get a comic book a few weeks ago, so obviously I went with him to a shop and got him a few books. One of Wall-E, a few older Star Wars titles and a really old Transformers book (circa 1986).

Of course, I was begged every night for the past week or so to sit and read them to him after I got home from work, which I happily obliged. Quality time together, learning to read, learning to appreciate art, etc.

But obviously, it doesn’t end there. Not even close. In fact, it’s the (second) beginning. I’m collecting books all over again.

Yep, I got the bug too (again), and it didn’t take long wandering around the shop to grab a fist-full of titles and dive head-long back into the wonderful world of comics.

Hey, I’m broke anyway most of the time … may as well have some books to show for it. (You other comic enthusiasts know what I mean.)

I picked up the usuals to start back in: HellBoy, Spawn, various Batman series, Iron Man and Deadpool. I was particularly excited about one double-sized issue which will go un-named from the above list.

This issue looked great from the cover, sitting inside it’s gleaming board and bag. I finally get around to opening it and flipping a few pages tonight, and was slapped in the face by the art. Granted, most of it was good (as I was expecting). But, I was stunned by the discrepancies.

Now, I understand books will often have a few artists working the pencils, inks and colors to finish the title in a timely fashion. But this was overboard. For example, in a two-page spread there was one page obviously drawn by one person and the other page very obviously drawn by someone else. And, their styles were the exact opposite. One was light-handed and detailed, the other very thick-lined and color-blotchy. Night and day.

It really doesn’t do anything to help the old “suspension of disbelief.”

It sucks, to be blunt.

As I flipped through the book (not reading it, just skimming the art), it was that way throughout with even more art styles. The masthead revealed to me there were seven artists, not including the one that did the cover. Seven.

Now tell me, how the $%#! do you expect any kind of consistency or even congruency with that number of cooks in the kitchen. I mean, DAMN.

So I really have no desire to follow Iron Man anymore (oops — let the cat outta the bag, there). Especially when it was followed by that pitiful excuse of storytelling called 500.1.

Back to DC, Image and Dark Horse I go. At least Marvel keeps me by a thread with Deadpool (until they figure a way to muck that one up, too).


Kicking the habit

5 Feb

Volcano Smoke Free


18 Jan

You know, sometimes life really throws you a curveball.

When you think you’ve got a handle on things, that you’ve got “it” all figured out … that’s when you get hit. Sometimes it’s good, but most of the time it’s “not.”

I say “not” because even the discouraging things that happen in life really do happen for a reason. They often teach us a more valuable lesson than the positives. Character is only gained through adversity, and stuff like that.

Yeah, we (my family and I) got hit by a massive slider today. HBP, in the baseball realm, if you will. But all things considered, we have already started learning the lesson from it: that life is really way too short to waste time on the small stuff. And yes, most of it is small stuff.

Back from vacation

12 Jul

So I had a week’s paid vacation from work last week, and I had a wonderful time.

Spent a lot of good, old quality time with the family. It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be for any relationship (with my wife, and with my son) just to spend time together without the constraints of looking at a blackberry every so often, or dragging in after a 10-hour work day, or whatever.

We didn’t really go anywhere (just some local places, had a friend over for dinner, etc.), but we all “rediscovered” each other and how much fun we can have together. You know, why we’re a family in the first place.

I also spent some time reorganizing some of my blogs, giving two of them facelifts (Light Evolved, my photoblog, as well as Moto Boro, which is my motorcycle blog). I got to do some photography, and get in some real time with my new speedlites. Those wonderfully nebulous lightmakers can be both blessing and damnation…

And lastly, I logged plenty of hours with my fav pastimes: reading and video games. T’was a great vacation, indeed.

Father’s Day

20 Jun

I’m sitting here in the Arby’s on the side of the highway, finishing my grandiose Father’s Day dinner of a #4 combo as I write this post. Alone.

Yes, there is a degree of sarcasm on the surface. But deeper there is a feeling of abandonment and hurt.

Granted, there are always a minimum of two sides to every story. My wife would say she got up early and made me pancakes the size of a Big Mac and kept our son at bay so I could do whatever I wanted this morning.

My side would be I didn’t mind our son interrupting me, as I wasn’t doing anythig important, and I told her I wanted to spend some family time together and go out to eat as a family.

She left hours ago with our son to go see someone or do something. Now, I’m sure there are things she does for me that I don’t appreciate just like I do for her. We’re human – we make mistakes. Marriages are chock full of mistakes along the line.

The mistakes aren’t what really bothers me, when I take a few steps back and think about it. What hurts truly is the time it takes to come back with a heartfelt apology and some effort to make the situation right.

Most of the time, the real apology doesn’t come until after the defiance or the iron-clad case of defense has been presented. And, I mean from both sides: I’m just as guilty as she is.

Life is short; shorter for some than others. I fear mine is going to be artificially shortened by riding a sportbike. Put aside your pride, your ego and your arrogance.

Babe, I’m sorry.

Time management

17 Jun

My personal time management sucks.

Granted, I am an organized person (well, as much as I can be with a family, a 4-year old, a few jobs and several blogs). Professionally, I am efficient and work under constant deadlines. I’m good at what I do, and I know what I’m doing.

But in the realm of my personal life, there always seems to be far too little time. Never enough time for my wife and son, to pursue hobbies and interests, to sit and do nothing.

I realize a good bit of this is self-imposed. I would think I’d expect no free time with two jobs, several blogs and a down economy. It’s the nature of the beast.

That’s why it’s important to do what you love. Life is so short, there’s no sense in being miserable. “Work hard, play hard, sleep hard.” “Go big or go home.” All that jazz.

Do what you love, and love what you do. And who you’re with. And how you do it.

Now get out there and do something.

Rider & Machine

2 May

Rider & Machine, originally uploaded by mostly Chris.